About Me

I hate pics of me, just FYI.
I'm a not very interesting person who can't imagine a world without coffee or computers. I am married and have three daughters ages 9, 7 and 2. I work almost full time as the Director of Liturgy and Music at a church, and I also do consultation marketing and teach piano lessons. I can't stand being still, if you've noticed. My Bachelor's degree is in Musical Theater and my MBA is a marketing emphasis. I mostly write MG/Upper MG, but am starting to dabble in YA. I also write picture books.

I've written since the womb, but my main writing focus has always been songwriting. I used to pretend the rain birds in my grandparent's yard were my microphone and I'd belt out songs I made up on the fly while strumming a nut dish that was shaped like a ukulele. I was three, what did you expect? Later, I went to Berklee College of Music for a bit with a songwriting scholarship, but decided to leave because I knew that writing would always be with me no matter where I went to school, but theater I needed to study. Well, of course, I jinxed myself with those words because I spent several years barren of any writing. A few picture books and a handful of songs have slipped out since the kidlets were born. Finally, I got myself back into the writing groove and have written two MGs which you can read about here.
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