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Laura Rahimi Barnes 


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Great blog! I just discovered it with the Lydia Kang interview. Your blog critique and fun interviews make for fresh reading and I look forward to looking around here. Just thought I'd say "hey", as I live up the road in Broomfield. Are you involved in Lighthouse Writers Workshop at all?

I write YA and am finishing up my eleventeeth revision of a time travel romance.

All the best to you!

Beth Christopher

jess said...

Laura, just want to thank you for critiquing my blog and offering all the helpful tips. I'll be doing as much as I can to follow through with your suggestions. Even though I've been blogging for years, I do it blindly. I'll have to research to see how to do some of what you suggest. :) When I log on to the Internet, it's a real adventure. I couldn't leave a comment for you on the critique. Told me it doesn't support my browser even though I have IE 9. So sorry... but thanks. What wonderful compliments you gave me. :) ~jess

Anonymous said...

URGENT! I have rang and emailed you on numerous occasions over a lengthy period of time however, you do not respond. You need to return my money owed considering I never got the work agreed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


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