Monday, June 20, 2011

Creating a Routine

It's true. We are slaves to routine. Take advantage. This is sort of a follow-up to Step 2 (blog consistently), but if you have a hard time with knowing what you are going to say and when, it's a good idea to

Step 5: Create a routine.

I'm not just talking about a routine where you blog first thing in the morning or after you shower sort of thing, though those kind of routines are also very useful. I'm talking about creating a routine for your readers. Tell them when you are going to blog, and then so they know when to come and read. Perhaps you are a weekly blogger. Then you should blog on the same day every week and tell your readers. If you are a few times a week blogger, choose your days and tell your readers. People will return to you more often if you become part of their routine.

Right now I'm a Monday, Wednesday, Friday type of blogger. I will probably eventually become a Monday through Friday blogger, but right now I have one follower (hi, Joe!) and I already talk to him nearly everyday (via G-mail chat, but that counts).

Another way to create a routine is to designate topics for certain days of your blog. Like maybe Wednesday is Work-In-Progress Wednesday. Or every Friday is Review a New Book Friday. This tactic sometimes comes off as just cutesy, but more often than not it works. Particularly this is helpful for the writer who doesn't know always know what to say. Having a topic can really inspire you.

For now, my only cute routine is going to be Facebook Friday. But pretend I didn't say that because Wednesday's blog is going to announce Facebook Fridays. Wait, didn't you just announce it? you ask. Well, come back Wednesday and you'll see what I'm getting at.

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