Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going on Vacation

It's the time of year when people travel and take time off. There are several ways to handle your blogging when you are on vacation.
  1. Blog while you are vacationing. This is probably the best choice if you are building readership. Remember how I stressed consistency and routine? Especially in your early days. Most anywhere you go these days you have access to internet so take five to fifteen minutes and post as normal.
  2. Blog ahead of time. This is another great option. In fact, this is preferred, because taking some time off can be very healthy for any writer. This is not recommended, however, if you expect lots of comments on each post that might require you to respond.
  3. Get guest bloggers. Guest bloggers can be awesome. Having guests on your blog has a whole bunch of benefits that we will talk about in a future post. Right now the benefit I am emphasizing is that you can take some time off while your blog still works for you.
  4. Tell people you are taking time off. If you don't have time to blog before hand and you won't be able to or don't want to post while away, just tell your readers what's up. As long as people know why there isn't a new absolutely fabulous post as usual they will generally return when you tell them you will be back.
  5. Do all of the above! Schedule some posts, post while you are away, have a guest, and tell people everything!

I will be on vacation Wednesday through Sunday. I scheduled this post in advance, will be available to respond to comments and am telling you right now that I am going on vacation.

What do you do about your blog when your on vacation? Any suggestions not mentioned here?


Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Laurie,

Great tips for keeping a blog going while on vacation. Blogger makes it so easy with the pre-posting option.

I'd be happy to guest post now and then - you can contact me at: karenrcfv [at] yahoo

Nancy Thompson said...

I wish I had read this LAST week BEFORE I went on vacation. Very good points!! I'll be sure to follow your advice next month when I'm gone for 2 whole weeks.

BTW - I'm your newest follower. Nice to meet you!)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Have fun. *jealous*

Laura Barnes said...

Karen - Awesome! I'm putting together a schedule of guest bloggers. I'll contact you soon.

Nancy - glad to meet you! I am now YOUR newest follower.

Donna - it's great! I'm in the Grand Tetons and finding it very difficult to get internet in our cabin. That's probably a sign that I should let all this blogging and stuff go for a few days, but I'm not doing too well at it :)

Dawn Simon said...

I usually say I'll be away, though I have blogged while on vacation as well.

I hope you're having a blast!

Laura Barnes said...

Dawn, I am having a blast. Especially right now because I just finished reading your AWESOME interview with a manuscript. You just earned me as a follower. Cheers!

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