Monday, September 26, 2011

FAMP: Call for Blogs

Ok, folks. I've given you my basics on blogging from a marketing perspective. Yes, I have more to deliver and I will continue, but I think we have enough to begin the blogging critique I mentioned before. So starting now, From A Marketing Perspective is being turned on any of you willing souls who would like to offer up your beautiful blogs for critique and feedback.


To submit your blog for feedback, email me at with FAMP as the subject. Notice there is an "R" between Laura and Barnes in my email. If you don't include that R, it will go to some other Laura Barnes who is also in marketing and is really cool because she forwards some of my mail to me, but I don't think she'd help out in this instance.

Blogs that are submitted for critique will be given a scheduled day (a Monday) where I will share my thoughts (and sometimes other guest marketers) on the blog From A Marketing Perspective and then I will turn it over to the readers to remark in comments.

It doesn't sound too painful, does it? Come on, you guys submit your writing for critique all the time. This is a piece of cake.

I'm looking forward to this next phase of FAMP! How about you?

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