Friday, November 4, 2011

Facebook Friday: Your Readers are on Facebook

For those of you who are not so fond of Facebook, I just wanted to share some statistics with you gathered from  Take a look at this graph:

That graph is telling you that 83% of people ages 18-29 who use the internet are on a social network. 70% of users ages 30-49. And most of those social network accounts are on Facebook:

Of adult Social Network users:

  • 73% have a Facebook account
  • 48% have a MySpace profile
  • 14% have an account on LinkedIn
  • 1% each on Yahoo, YouTube, Tagged, Flickr and
  • 10-12% are on “other” sites like Bebo, Last.FM, Digg, Blackplanet, Orkut, Hi5 and
Teens are on Facebook too:
  • 54% of teens ages 12-14 are on Facebook
  • Teens between the ages of 15-17 are on Facebook nearly 19.9 hours a week
Comparatively, only 19% of internet users are on Twitter. Take a look at this graph:

Your readers are on Facebook. If you are trying to reach them through Twitter, through blogs, they're somewhere else. Just sayin'.

Do these stats surprise you? Do they change your mind about social networking? I'm interested in your thoughts.


LeighCaron said...

I'm not surprised. I blog to network with writers, editors, agents. When I'm pub'd....I know I have to turn my social networking efforts to Facebook. Great post.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Right now, I'm not changing how I do things. Once I land a book deal, then I'll change my social networking habits. But right now I get more from blogging at this stage of my writing than I do from using Facebook. :)

Ashley said...

Great post. I'm now trying to embrace social media. And it's overwhleming!! Glad to see maybe my efforts will be rewarded.

Slam Dunks said...

Good info, but I am not surprised by it.

One does have to understand an audience though--most of the folks that I know who are FB junkies would rather look at endless amounts of humorous feline photos rather than read someting substantive.

gail shepherd said...

This is actually the second time I've read this today, specifically why novelists should have robust facebook pages. I wonder how Google+ will affect this? Will teens and young adults stick with Facebook or migrate?

Joanna Marple said...

Thanks for these stats, Laura. I personally have made great connections through FB, G+, Twitter and blogging (less blogging). i was surprised twitter is so low. Of course if one is a picture book writer, then it is really parents not teens one is targetting.

LydiaKang said...

This is really interesting! Thanks for posting. I use FB probably the least, LOL. Well, maybe I'll change that later!

Susanna said...

This is very interesting. It doesn't surprise me that people are on Face Book - after all, whenever I go on it seems like the whole world is there :) It DOES surprise me that Face Book is so much more heavily frequented than some of the others - I would have thought Twitter was huge! Google + is something I know nothing about and seems to be just another social networking site - too much to handle. I'd be interested to know what you think about that. Now I have to go back and reread some of your older posts so I can maximize my time of FB - how best to utilize it so it's really helpful!

Julie Hedlund said...

Wow! Those are some pretty amazing stats. I don't have a Facebook Author Page because I don't have a book out yet, but it's the first thing I plan to do once I do get a book deal!

Coleen Patrick said...

Thanks for the info--19 hours a week on FB?
I shouldn't be surprised since my 17 yr old has her lap top tucked into bed with her!

LauraBarnes said...

I know! Crazy, huh?

FurearAnnesupSogodu said...


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