Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Respond to Comments

Have you ever had a conversation where someone asks you something and then they don't wait for your answer?

That's kind of what it's like when you ask a question on your blog and then never refer back to it when people comment.

But you see that all the time, you say. That's true. Here's some tips for when it is and when it isn't ok:
  • When you are building readership and have, say, two followers, you should always respond to their comments.
  • When you have hundreds of followers, you do not have to respond to each and every one - they are usually commenting on each other.
  • Do respond if a comment contains a question or complaint directed at you.
  • Do respond if you said you were going to respond.
  • Don't respond when people are having a debate. Let them work it out themselves while you remain unbiased.
  • Don't respond when you can't remain calm in your comments. It's the old addage: If you can't say something nice, don't reply to a comment.
  • Do respond if you are genuinely moved to respond.
Are there other do's and don'ts of comments and responses that I missed here? Share your valuable insights!


Andrea Mack said...

It is true that blogging can be kind of like an unfinished conversation.

I try to respond to all of my blog commenters (but then, I don't have that many at the moment). If I can't respond to each individually, I try to make a general response. Sometimes, blog comments lead me to think of another blog post, which may become the answer.

Alex Villasante said...

Hey Laura, thanks for this 'comment manners' post - I needed it! I'm sure I've neglected some followers, not out of any malice, just out of ignorance. I do try to make a 'general' response, at least to thank everyone for posting.

Unknown said...

That would be impolite.

Laura Barnes said...

We all I need the reminder sometimes. I am myself anxious that I am not responding as I should to all these wonderful comments because I am in the tetons with spotty internet. Thanks for sharing!

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