Friday, August 26, 2011

Facebook Friday: Friend Lists

Facebook lists are a beautiful thing. They are an easy way to manage your Facebook relationships, particularly if you are using your personal FB page to also act as your author presence.

The benefit: say you want to post something on your FB page that you only want certain people to see. You can choose which people see your posts (I show you how here) but that can be time consuming if you have a large group of people you want to select. Having a list makes it easy to choose the same large group of people over and over.

How to:  

Step 1

          On your FB profile page.
          1. On the left under your profile pic, click on "Friends".
          2. Click on the "Edit Friends" button on the right hand side.
          3. Select "Create a List".
          4. Name your list in the box that says "Enter a List Name."
          5. Select the people you want on your list.
          6. Select Create List.

If you want to create your list based on interest or location or group, etc., do steps 1-3 above, then:

4. Select the "All Friends" tab. (It might say "Recently Interacted").
5. Choose the category you want from there. (SHOWN BELOW)

You can create several lists. Some ideas: 
  • Coworkers
  • Family
  • Writer Friends
  • Fans
  • Crit Partners
Have fun making different lists and posting selectively.  Really great tool.

Are you using Facebook Lists? How do you use them? Any ideas you can share with us to use them better?


Missed Periods said...

I barely know how to use Facebook, period.

Maeve Frazier said...

Newest Follower, here, and part of the campaign. Glad to have found you! :)

Gail Shepherd said...

This is incredibly helpful! I never knew you could do this, and I was nervous about using my personal FB for professional networking. Thank you thank you thank you! (I'm finding you through the campaign, BTW).

Mel Fowler said...

I've never really thought about putting friends into catagories so that I can tell just them certain things. Cool! Thanks.

Lady Gwen said...

Hey, just stopping by from the campaign trail to say hello! Love your bio! I'm your newest follower!

Chris Phillips said...

I haven't set up an authors page yet. Still too busy juggling this and twitter.

Jenny Sulpizio said...

Facebook and Twitter (and now Google+), all have these awesome features that I have no idea how to use. Thanks for sharing some of it with us. I'm a campaigner. So nice to *meet* you. Now following...:)


Jessica Love said...

Thanks for the tip! I need to play around with this.

Hello from your MG/YA campaign group!

Laura Barnes said...

Glad the tip is helpful. I should use it more myself...

So glad to meet the newbies from the Campaign! I'm excited for this to take off. Welcome to my blog :)

Michelle Fayard said...

This is like having an e-mail distro list for your FB posts; excellent!

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