Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google Documents

Last week I shared my love for Google Reader.  This week I'm continuing my Google praise by sharing Google Documents.

Google Documents allows you to create and edit documents online.  Here's the highlights:

  1. It's online.  This is really the best thing about Google docs.  You can upload your word processing document or spreadsheet to Google Docs and then anywhere you have internet, there's your document. I love this. I use it for lots of items I want to keep with me always.
  2. Sharing.  If you are collaborating on anything, this is the way to go.  Say you want to work on a project with someone in another location.  You can both edit your document in REAL TIME.  You can see changes as the other person types.  I used Google Docs last year for a class project.  So much easier than emailing back and forth.
  3. Privacy.  Even though you can share your docs, you don't have to.
  4. Documents can be created or uploaded.  Either start your documents from scratch in Google Docs, or you can upload a word or excel sheet that you've already created.  
  5. Publishing.  You can easily publish your documents to your website or blog.  Or email as an attachment.
  6. Thousands of templates available.  Here's some examples: calendars, family budget, contact forms for websites, resumes, presentations, schedules, calculators, surveys, the list goes on.
  7. It's free.  No explanation necessary.
There's more. Seriously. Take a tour and find out yourself.

Do you use Google Docs? Do you think it could be useful? Do you love Google as much as I do?


Jenna Blake Morris said...

I had no idea about this -- I hadn't even heard of it (sad, right?). But now I'll have to look into it. Thanks for passing the information along!

Lora said...

I use google docs. It is great for sharing. I also use it for writing all my short stories. I'm even using it for my work in progress. The one downside is that it can't handle files that are too large. But otherwise, I love it!

Michelle Fayard said...

When I decided to post the first five chapters of my historical YA, The Underground Gift, online, I started off with Google Documents but switched to, as I found it to be easier to use for creating a more attractive-looking document. Then again, I have a PDF of an InDesign file, so that makes a difference. :)

Laura Barnes said...

@Lora, I haven't used it for particularly large files so I didn't realize it had a limit. Thanks for the info!

@Michelle, GoogleDocs definitely had basic looking files. No fancy design allowed. I had one document that uploaded kind of crappy so I had to take that one down. But for the basics, it's all right.

Laura Pauling said...

I have a doc acct but don't use it much b/c I don't have a need for it. But I can see if I were traveling a lot.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Laura - I found your blog through Andrea at That's Another Story and am now following. I can't wait to read back through your posts and see what you put up next - I have MUCH to learn about all aspects of marketing. Thanks for a great twist on a writing blog!

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