Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tweet Chat With Ease with TweetChat

I haven't addressed Twitter in awhile, and the truth is it's because I don't find myself tweeting very often.  But there is a very handy Twitter tool that I love to use when I am following or participating in a chat via Twitter. (If you visited my Guest Blog at Michelle Fayard's blog last week, you already read about this.)

You know when you're trying to follow a conversation with hashtags via Twitter - like a round of ask an agent, for example, or just chatting about Rachel Harrie's campaign.  And tweets come and go so quickly that it's hard  to keep up.  Especially when you have to type #blah blah blah in every tweet.

Well, make it all so much simpler with TweetChat. If you haven't used it and are a Twitterer, you are missing out.

TweetChat is one of the simplest apps ever made.  All you do is login with your Twitter log-in and then enter the hashtag you want to follow. Suddenly all you have on the screen is that conversation. Plus, each tweet you post automatically includes the hashtag.  Try it out right now with the campaign hashtag: #writecampaign

Did you know about TweetChat? What do you think about it?

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