Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do as I say, Not as I do

Maybe I don't actually have to say this out loud but I feel like I need to: Most everything I put on this blog I would tell a client of mine, but I'm not always so good at following my own advice.

Isn't that lame?

I know, it totally is. But this blog is really about building MY platforms and recording it and my advice as I go along my journey. Most of the time I tell you about something I am also just implementing it myself.  Other times I realize I need to be doing such and such, but for some reason am not able to implement it in my life yet, so instead I just share it with you.  And some times I know that a particular tool or technique is not for me, but it may be for one of you so I post that. 

Here's some examples of things I think I need to do differently:
  • my font consistency is lacking - in interviews I copy and paste whatever the interviewee used and don't make it my default font
  • I need to have About Me and Sample Chapters of my books on other pages
  • I should tweet more
  • I should comment on more of the blogs I read
  • I should respond to more of the comments on my blog
  • my posts should be shorter
  • I don't have an FB author page or use my personal page for all the writer things I should/could
  • my blog template doesn't really say much about my writing (though it does speak to my personality)
  • more things, but now I'm starting to feel defeated so I'll just stop
In short, I'm at a place in my writing where my main focus is on my first draft of my current manuscript. I'm also really occupied with being a mom. I'm not ashamed of those things, but sometimes my marketing suffers. That's just a fact. It's ok. But I hope that when you are searching for examples for your own platform building you look to my words not my actions. And be proud of the good things you do with your online media presence - don't dwell on the things you feel are lacking.

What do you think you should be doing that you aren't?


Krista said...

Writing. That's the big one for me. Cooking. Chorrs. Everything. I am very good at finding some way that I fall short.

One thing I am doing to overcpme thay is settong practical goals for each day.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

My list is much longer than yours. You've motivated me to work on it. Thanks for the kick. :)

Anonymous said...

At least you are aware of what you AREN'T doing and COULD do to improve. We need YOU in order to know that- so we don't care if you follow your own advice. Anyhow, I think you do follow your own advice and that the the proper wording is that you cannot find time to implement your own advice. : )

Laura Barnes said...

@Krista - Goals are good. I have started to make focus weeks. For example, the first week of the month I focus on extra house stuff. The next week I really focus on my blog. The next week I focus on writing. I have the weeks permanently set for each month. That doesn't mean I don't do anything but the focus thing - like I'll still blog on a house week - but it just gives me a goal a week at a time.

@Kathi - Ha ha, my list is much longer than this! I just didn't want to fill a whole hour of your life with my inadequacies :) Glad I gave you some motivate.

@Freya - aw, you're making me blush. Thanks for the kinds words:)

bgblackcat97 said...

Good question. I also need to do better about commenting on the blogs I follow. I read, I just don't always comment. Also, I need to do better about writing daily on the WIP. I'm not sure how I expect it to get any closer to finished without actually writing.

Stna Lindenblatt said...

Tweeting more. I haven't bothered with FB. Not enough time. Blogging seems to be the thing I enjoy the most. Though Tweeting is awesome for procrastination. :D

Sarah said...

Tweeting more, interacting more, commenting more. It's difficult because my job is pretty consuming, my commute is long, and I have two young children who need me. I just have to forgive myself, though, and keep trying, and sometimes give myself permission to rest. Sometimes it's just not possible to do everything--but I like reading this blog to see if there's anything I can do more efficiently or strategically!

Laura Barnes said...

@bigblackcat - That's me: I read, but don't always comment. And I need to be better on the WIP as well. I always have this joke that I can't figure out why I don't ever win the lottery, but maybe it has something to do with me not buying any tickets. That same comment applies here :)

@Stina - I like blogging the most too. I get obsessed with Twitter if I'm not careful, which is why I've avoided it for the most part. I do hear great things happen through Twitter, though!

@Sarah - Its so true that we can't do everything. Good for you for learning to forgive yourself. I need to work on that more. Thanks for the comment!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Laura - you're doing great! As for me, I'm afraid of Twitter, so I still haven't tried it even though everyone says I must, and on my blog, I feel like I need to figure out some way to do more for teachers, librarians and parents so that they'll visit too! Any ideas? :)

Michelle Fayard said...

Laura, I think those who care about doing a great job always will be thinking about what we feel we should be doing more of. As long as we're self-aware about those things we genuinely could do a little more of and believe in ourselves enough to realize we can't do everything we'd like to do, we should be about as close to perfect as is possible for humans. :)

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Laura, I enjoy your blog. I should be more organized. A summer of travel has me feeling like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I liked it last winter when I was more organized and scheduled.

Laura Barnes said...

Thank you, Stacy! I always enjoy your comments! I don't think I've ever had a minute of being organized. Whenever I get close, I start to feel uneasy and add something to my load. It's a never ending cycle. Sigh.

Laura Barnes said...

Thanks for the positive words, Michelle. Great comments.

Susanna, I was waiting to comment so I could answer your question, and the truth is, yes, I have a bunch of suggestions. But it depends on what you want to accomplish, what you are like when you do school and library visits, and what your books are like. (I have only read one, The House that Mack Built which my 2 year old loves). If you want to continue the conversation, feel free to email me at Thanks for asking my opinion!

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