Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Savvy Sensation: Jen Daiker

Jen Daiker is da bomb. The first sentence of her blogger profile, "I love to lie," immediately demonstrates her charm and personality. She's addicted to the internet which is why it's not surprising to find her EVERYWHERE. She has not one, but two blogs, and guess what: she's good at it. Her blog is clean, informative, and filled with character, which is probably why she has over 1600 followers. I can't say how happy I am to share her with you here. And now, today's Savvy Sensation, Jen Daiker:

Who are you (what do you write, what are your personal stats)?
I write chick lit... you know, those stories with cocktails, cupcakes, and romance. Yes, substance is also included. As far as personal stats if you count telling myself I rock every day in the mirror, that'd be about it.

Where can we find you online (blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)?
The potential for new stalkers? *giggles* This is so exciting! Let's see, I'm just about everywhere these days, you can find me at UneditedThe Beginner HousewifeTwitter, Facebook (can't access darn thing at work -- you can find link easily though I'd think), Pinterest (my new obsession), StumbleuponLinkedIn, and Klout. (Too many, probably, but I'm an addict).
When did you begin your online platform building?
January 2010. I'd just watched Julie & Julia and was inspired to blog & begin writing. Yes, it really happened like that, while eating cupcakes.

What is your message, if any (is your blog about anything specific, for example)?
At Unedited it's all about Writing, reading, and how to blog. I spend my days spinning tales of weird conversations me and the hubs have, how to do things, so on and so forth. At The Beginner Housewife (only a few weeks old) I write about cooking, recipe ideas, relationship advice, house decorating. It's all for a book I'm writing and I've always been fascinated with interior design.

How have you built your followers -What have you done that has been the most successful? What have you done that has failed?
I just visit people. I'm most successful when I leave thought out comments, say hello to friends, stick around for blogfests and such. I fail when I don't have time to visit all whom I love. Though I wouldn't consider that failing, you can normally still find me active on twitter, but when I'm missing it's because I'm writing.
How much time do you spend blogging? Reading blogs? Commenting on blogs?
I blog anywhere from two weeks to a month in advance. When the ideas flow I roll with it to avoid blogger block. Reading happens in evenings, about an hour for each blog. I realize that's not a lot with over a thousand followers, but I do my best. Commenting and reading go hand in hand for me.
What else should we know about you?
I almost always wear neon striped colored socks. Life saver sours REDS are my addiction, along with my favorite blog (just for fun) The Bloggess. I have a shoe designed for every book I finish. I have been known to walk around the house talking in an english accent. Ummm... and I have blonde hair. Ta-da!
What makes you unique?
I'm not sure if that's a question that should be asked of me, but more of my readers I'd think. I'll say it's my upbeat, quirky personality. I'm random when it counts (which is all the time) and I can always be found to chat! I like to think my personal, quirky personality is well received.

Thank you so much, Jen for being here! Enjoy your Savvy Sensation Award.  Good luck in your writing, and please come back anytime! Everyone, make sure you visit her blog. Lots. She's a great example of "how it's done."


Jen Daiker said...

Thank you so much for having me!!! I loved being here. I feel so welcome! I'll be tweeting momentarily!!

Janet Johnson said...

Isn't Jen great? And wow . . . I didn't know she was on SO MANY different media forums. Jen is amazing!

Michelle Fayard said...

Jen has an incredibly wonderful personality, and that is just about the best foundation for success I can think of. :)

Juliana said...

Ohmygosh, Jen, you sound hilarious. I'm definitely going to be your new stalker ;)

I write because I love it and I love being connected with other writers. It's pretty neat :)

The Warm Fuzzies Blogfest is coming up. I'm hoping I'll see you there!

LauraBarnes said...

Love me some blogfests. I'm tweeting about it now for you :)

LauraBarnes said...

She's AWESOME. She could talk about toilet paper and it would be interesting.

LauraBarnes said...

She's everywhere. Perhaps she's stalking you...

LauraBarnes said...

So amazing having you, Jen. Can't wait to see where your career goes! Thanks again for being here:)

Theresa Milstein said...

Jen is upbeat and quirky. Best of all, she's sincere. Great choice for an interview!

Matthew MacNish said...

Jen rules. That is all.

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