Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Savvy Sensation: Nicole Zoltak

One of the very first people I wanted to have in this spotlight was Nicole Zoltak. When I began blogging and reading blogs, I saw her everywhere! And I always loved what she had to say and the support she gave to other people I'm so glad to finally have her here today. So read on....

Who are you (what do you write, what are your personal stats)?
I’m Nicole Zoltack and I’m a writeaholic. There isn’t any genre that I’m not willing to try. I’ve written fantasy, paranormal, horror, romance, historical, and combinations thereof. I also write for all ages – from PBs through adults. And the length varies too, I’ll write flash pieces, short stories, and novels.

Where can we find you online (blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)?
So many places! My website is my twitter is
My personal facebook page is at the friend limit but I also have a fan page:
As a book lover, of course I’m on Goodreads:
I’m also on linked in:
And Klout: That’s all I can think of right now.

When did you begin your online platform building?
March 2009. I had a guest blog post on another blog to highlight myself and my first novel – Woman of Honor, the story of a young girl who wants to become a knight, and I realized I had no way to get the word out about it. I started my blog and it’s snowballed and evolved into what it is now.

What is your message, if any (is your blog about anything specific, for example)?
I blog about writing and books and anything that strikes my fancy. On Mondays, I usually post about some kind of fantasy creature – pictures and a little of its history. On Tuesdays, I post about my weekly progress writing-wise, and sometimes about my pregnancy as well. I just started a new feature on Wednesdays called Question of the Week. I sometimes blog on Thursdays and Fridays but not as regularly as I had in the past. I’ll post about contests for books or for writers and I’ll sometimes blog about writing and editing and tips about them that I’ve picked up over the years.

How have you built your followers: What have you done that has been the most successful? What have you done that has failed?
Although I started my blog in 2009, I didn’t seriously blog until mid to late 2010. That’s when I decided to blog M-F. Instead of blogging whenever I felt like it, the regular schedule definitely helped to increase my followers and to get them to come back. That’s also when I started to read other blogs and comment on them a lot more. That is definitely a way to get to know the wonderful blogging community and to build up followers by being a follower in the first place. (Kinda like you have to be a good friend to have friends. It’s the same philosophy.) Blog hops and giveaways are another hugely successful way to build up followers.

As for failing – I’ve noticed that if I take a break with blogging, it takes a little bit of time for my followers to start coming back. I try to say if I’ll be taking a break and for how long, although sometimes with two little ones (a 3 and a 1 year old and another one on the way) sometimes life gets in the way.

How much time do you spend blogging? Reading blogs? Commenting on blogs?
I try to write my blog posts for the week on the weekend. That way I can have them scheduled to post and not worry about it (although Blogger doesn’t always post them like it’s supposed to… grr). I have a list of blogs that I visit every day and I try to read a lot more than that. I don’t always comment but I try to. I wish I could visit and comment more than I do. I know how much I love comments and I always respond to them through email. I also find blog post to read on Twitter. If the title of the post sounds interesting, I’ll click through and read it.

What else should we know about you?
Family is huge with me. I married my first kiss (my college sweetheart). (Maybe that’s why I love to write romances!) I love to go to the Pa Renaissance Fair – dressed in period garb, of course! I used to take horseback riding lessons and will again someday soon hopefully. My favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.

Any additional advice for our readers?
Blog from the heart and only if you love it. Be yourself. Readers will pick up on it if you’re fake.

What makes you unique?
Let’s see… I’ll do anything for my friends and I have a hard time saying no. I love to brainstorm with other writers and help them make their novels shine (which is one of the reasons why I became an editor in addition to being a writer.) I’m quiet until I get to know you, then you won’t be able to get me to shut up!

Nicole, thank you so much for being here. I love the advice you've given today and your passion for what you do is evident. Congratulations on all your success and on that third baby of yours (I have three girls, we can pair them all up!). Good luck with all that this next year brings you, you Savvy Sensation.


Dianne Salerni said...

Hi, Laura! I'm returning your visit while Bloffeeing on Saturday morning. And hello, Nicole! I agree with Laura -- since I met you in Sheri Larsen's FB group for writers, I've seen you everywhere! You're a very busy woman!

Amie Kaufman said...

Great interview! Nicole certainly is everywhere, and you can tell she blogs from the heart -- I agree, it definitely makes a difference.

Sarah Pearson said...

What a lovely interview. I'll have to check Nicole out. I can't think how I've missed her.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Thanks, everyone, and especially to Laura!

The Golden Eagle said...

Great interview--I loved learning more about Nicole! :)

Susanna said...

Great interview, thanks for sharing! I already follow Nicole, but it was great to get to know her better :)

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